See two of my short plays this weekend in Colorado Springs, Theatregasm 11 starts tonight!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share two of my short plays are being performed as part of Theatre d’ Art’s Theatregasm 11 festival this weekend, June 28-30, at the Zodiac Venue/Bar in Colorado Springs. It’s been quite a long time since any of my stage works have seen the footlights in Colorado Springs, over 19 years to be exact.

Theatre d’ Art is producing some great things and I’m so excited for anything I’ve put on paper to be a part of their stage for this event.

Please support the festival this weekend. There are about 10 short plays involved, I believe, and my short plays “Plan A for Martin” and “Makes No Census” were selected for the company’s Show Us Your America theme.

Visit for more information or search Theatre d’ Art on Facebook.

Guess what words I wrote yesterday…

In record time, I was able to hand write my first draft of my new stage play. Those of you whom have followed my blog know I hand write my first draft so that I may make edits as I’m typing it up and ultimately have a second draft by the time it’s completely typeset.

With this play, once I have my development file completed, it doesn’t take me long to start writing nor keep my momentum moving forward. I actually took a small trip by myself to Las Vegas, NV, and there outside of seeing a couple shows, a bit of time in the sports book and karaoke, and of course lounging at the pool, I spent most of my free time writing on my play. I took advantage of the time I had without distraction.

After I returned home, I wrote a few more scenes and finally while waiting in my truck for the kids to get out of school, I finished up the final scene to the ever excited phrase “End of Play.”

The actual writing of this play came very quickly. I was able to connect things a lot faster and knew what I wanted to say with the material. I’m pretty happy with how the writing progressed and stayed alive for me. I’m now anxious to get everything typed up and a preliminary edit so I can leave it on the shelf for a month and come back for my objective edit.

I will release the title, full synopsis and promotional graphic but for now, here is a little teaser.

New stage play first draft almost finished…

So a bit ago I mentioned I was developing a new stage play and once again my creative process which I write about in this blog has not failed me.

For this play I wrote character backstories for each character even if they only have one or two scenes. Pulled my cast from “the morgue,” (see my blog about The Morgue). And wrote a timeline with brief descriptions of each scene and a timeline of bullet points for key events which happen before the start of the play but reference often. And I sketched up quick set designs for each scene.

I spent about two weeks on the development file and once it was done I took a couple days before I started writing the cornerstone scenes.

However, because I did so much work in development, I am presently two scenes away from completing the first draft. I will be announcing the title and synopsis with a cover graphic very soon, also part of my process after first draft is completed. So keep an eye out for that.

THEATREdART’s TheatreGasm 11 announces auditions

THEATREdART recently announced auditions for its short play festival THEATREGASM 11 for May 6 and 7 at 6pm at the company’s new head office at 223 North Wahsatch in Colorado Springs.

Sign up for the auditions with this Web link:

Two of my 10-minute plays have been selected for the festival, last weekend in June. Updates to come.

Check out THEATREdART on Facebook or from its Web site at

Two short plays selected for Festival in Colorado Springs

Well it’s been a while since I could say one of my works was hitting the stage, but apparently that appears to be changing this year.

Recently, I was notified two of my 10-minute plays will be a part of THEATREdART’s Theatregasm 11 short play festival this June in Colorado Springs. The theme for the festival this year is “Show Us Your America.”

My two works selected are…

Plan A for Martin; a satirical play where a school principal attempts to convince a hard working father his son would benefit from the school’s unique special education program.

Makes No Census; satire again when a woman answers questions for the U.S. Census Bureau only to discover its true purpose.

As I get more details on the festival, I will post updates. For now, you can learn more about the interesting things THEATREdART is up to by visiting