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Production options and purchasing is negotiated through the writer. Writer representation will be notified after an initial interest in any of my screen properties has been established.

My body of screen works range from outlandish situational comedies to heavy dramas and social statements. One through line from title to title is an emphasis on the human condition and humor. No matter how intense or dramatic a story may get, I always aspire to find a way to work a laugh into the material. i also feel I have a knack for writing material which actors can sink their teeth into, study and shine.

Non-produced screenplays:

  • Losing Rebecca (dramedy)
    A neighborhood rivalry ensues over Mark’s pet cat named “Tigger,” while his roommate Rebecca must risk her marriage to save her long time friendship with an indie screenwriter named Aaron.
  • Something Original (dramedy)
    A handful of television writers attempt to save their network careers in 24 hours by conceiving and drafting a new series pilot episode, rivaling their competitors’ fall line ups.
  • A Touch of Jole (drama-suspense)
    A defense attorney learns of his new client’s horrifying past, only to discover he may actually be a modern day miracle worker.
  • Whitebred (comedy)
    A girl in her twenties makes a hilarious endeavor to discover who she is and where she’s going in life, breaking loose of her upper-middle income sheltered upbringing.
  • 21st Nazi (action-drama, TV mini-series)
    Filled with anger and resentment for other people, a young man mistakenly joins a neo-nazi organization determined to over-throw authority with a series of brutal murders.

Produced screenplays:

  • Wonderbred (comedy – DV motion picture 2003)
    Denny has never done anything worth bragging about and always has a tendency to “settle for less.” However, after being visited by an unruly apparition, he decides to go out of his way to meet three famous women, whom he has crushes on; a supermodel, an actress and an Olympic figure skater. Even if it means storming a radio interview and foolishly driving to Manhattan with Denny’s ineptness creating problems. At least, his friends are supportive of his new found purpose with the exception of Viona, his ex-girlfriend, who doesn’t like the idea of Denny persuing anyone else but she. Denny’s adventure leads him to realize his distorted view of himself and his friends and that “bigger” is not always “better.”
  • The Running (action/drama – video motion picture 1993)
    Steven is a hitman for a small organized crime ring, secure with what he does for a living. However, he begins to doubt his place in organized crime when he is assigned to kidnap and possibly kill his life long friend, Joseph. Ordered to hold his friend for 24 hours until he receives word, Steven laughs over memories with Joseph, as they examine where their lives took turns for the worse. Clock ticks down, as Joseph discovers his father owes money to Steven’s employer and his fate rest on whether or not the debt is paid within time.
  • In The Darkness (suspense/comedy – video motion picture 1995)
    Derek is forced to retire after many years in criminal behavior. His life now has excitement, until a deranged young man named Anthony stalks Amanda, friend to his daughter Theresa. As Anthony’s desire for Amanda grows, Theresa is taken as one of his serial victims, leaving a trail of carefully placed raped and strangled bodies for authorities to decipher. After Derek falls into deep depression, Agent Logan Kingston, best friend to him, brings the retiree back into action to help him solve the case. However, chasing Theresa’s killer becomes an obsession for Derek, leaving Logan to wonder which one is more unstable, Derek or the deranged Anthony.
  • Between Friends (action/drama – video motion picture 1997)
    Jamison is a brooding young man who just moved to town when he meets four others, Sky, Aldridge, Jonathan and Gerrard, who become his closest friends. After a nightclub outing with one of his buddies, Jamison finds himself trapped in a bathroom with the mysterious Brittany who seduces him, changing his life forever. Soon, the group notices Jamison is different, coinciding with a series of occurences, including the death of Aldridge’s dog, an auspicious attack on Sky and the gruesome death of Jonathan’s sister, Melissa. Jamison’s crowd decides to confront and question him, only to discover he carries a frightening secret. “Between Friends” is hailed as one of CP/DR’s inventive and funniest works.
  • Two Guyz: Who Shouldn’t Have Close Ups (documentary – video motion picture 2006)
    Two men in their twenties fall into a series of mishaps during a road trip from Colorado Springs to Los Angeles to attend the 1997 Show Biz Expo West.