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My body of works range from outlandish situational comedies to heavy dramas and social statements. One through line from title to title is an emphasis on the human condition and humor. No matter how intense or dramatic a story may get, I always aspire to find a way to work a laugh into the material. I also feel I have a knack for writing material which actors can sink their teeth into, study and shine.

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  • Simon and the Great Gap (dramedy)
    Simon comes home one day to find his family now belongs to someone else and he has somehow missed years of his life, estranged from his marriage and daughter. Now Simon struggles to piece together the puzzle of what happened to his life and how it slipped from him.
  • Hook and Ladder (light-hearted drama)
    Hot shot sports writer Dunkin Scott gets the interview of a lifetime with his childhood sports hero Tony Backlund, but his publisher wants a take-down piece exposing the Hall of Fame linebacker as a fraud.
  • Dadly Intentions (light-hearted musical)
    Indie movie producer and screenwriter Harold becomes the father of boy/girl twins about the same time he learns his own father is terminally ill. Harold, with the help of his new friends and his wife Wendy, goes through a spectacle of a journey learning to be a good husband, father and honorable son while keeping his own dreams alive.
  • Skin In the Games (comedy)
    Levi attempts to save his business and win his wife back by secretly producing an adult entertainment motion picture to raise money and get his crumbling life back on track.
  • Ink’d (drama)
    Sometimes secrets can kill, and in the case of the artists in this Buffalo, New York tattoo shop, this is literally the case.
  • Fat Farm (light-hearted drama)
    Lee Delano, an investigative journalist for The Baltimore Herald, attempts to further his stagnant career by joining a weight loss clinical trial group, hoping to get a story on the commissioned facility and its subjects.
  • Mourning News (light-hearted drama)
    Lewis was a successful off-Broadway playwright, until his ex-wife Tanya traps him into taking a job as a reporter for the small town newspaper she recently inherited. Soon, Lewis’ plans to ruin the paper are side-tracked by Nelda, a junior high school teacher who was wrongfully fired for introducing students to “The Diary of Anne Frank.”
  • This Girl from Providence (comedy)
    Troy convinces his cousin Katie to pose as a new girlfriend, whom he met over the Internet, so his friends will stop harassing him. That is until Katie’s overly-jealous girlfriend and Troy’s mother catch word of their new affair.
  • Slow Kidz at Play (light-hearted drama)
    Two special education elementary students campaign for student body president, while their parents relive a bitter high school romance.
  • The War Over Tigger (dramedy)
    A neighborhood rivalry ensues over Mark’s pet cat named “Tigger,” while his roommate Rebecca must risk her marriage to save her long time friendship with an indie screenwriter named Aaron.
  • The Twilight of Nantucket (dramedy)
    Four voices for the animated television series “Nantucket” discover not only has the show and their jobs come to an end, but they may be the victims of a network coup to rid them of the show’s eccentric young creator.
  • 24 Hours and Something Original (dramedy –produced)
    A handful of television writers attempt to save their network careers in 24 hours by conceiving and drafting a new series pilot episode, rivaling their competitors’ fall line ups.
  • Snowfight in Providence (one-act comedy)
    Two men in their late twenties remember their last and most memorable Christmas when their friendship was forever ruined.