Simon and the Great Gap


3 m, 5 w
Various locations at Simon’s house, his townhouse and Nole’s house.
Newark, DE – Present Day

Cast of Characters:

Simon (40s) – an estranged husband
(30s) – Simon’s wife
(Teens) – Simon and Charlotte’s daughter
(40s) – Simon’s longtime friend
(40s) – Charlotte’s live-in girlfriend
(50s) – a counselor
Mr. Gibson
(Elderly) – an assisted living resident
Mrs. Simonoff 
(Elderly) – an assisted living resident

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Synopsis: Simon comes home one day to find his family now belongs to someone else and he has somehow missed years of his life, estranged from his marriage and daughter. Thinking he is caught in some kind of nightmare, he reaches out to his best friend Noel for answers and soon seeks the aid of a counselor, Patricia.

As Simon, Noel and Patricia figure out how Simon may have developed a large gap in his recent memory, the once father and husband attempts to work his way back into what has become a “mixed family.” Hoping to gain a better understanding of how he could have lost the life he new and watch his wife become involved in a romantic relationship with another woman, Simon looks to his young teenage daughter Gabbi for possible answers.

Simon’s journey takes him from the humorous to the heartbreaking, from the ridiculous to the insightful, while he struggles to piece together the puzzle of what happened to his life and how it slipped from him.

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