New stage play first draft almost finished…

So a bit ago I mentioned I was developing a new stage play and once again my creative process which I write about in this blog has not failed me.

For this play I wrote character backstories for each character even if they only have one or two scenes. Pulled my cast from “the morgue,” (see my blog about The Morgue). And wrote a timeline with brief descriptions of each scene and a timeline of bullet points for key events which happen before the start of the play but reference often. And I sketched up quick set designs for each scene.

I spent about two weeks on the development file and once it was done I took a couple days before I started writing the cornerstone scenes.

However, because I did so much work in development, I am presently two scenes away from completing the first draft. I will be announcing the title and synopsis with a cover graphic very soon, also part of my process after first draft is completed. So keep an eye out for that.

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