Guess what words I wrote yesterday…

In record time, I was able to hand write my first draft of my new stage play. Those of you whom have followed my blog know I hand write my first draft so that I may make edits as I’m typing it up and ultimately have a second draft by the time it’s completely typeset.

With this play, once I have my development file completed, it doesn’t take me long to start writing nor keep my momentum moving forward. I actually took a small trip by myself to Las Vegas, NV, and there outside of seeing a couple shows, a bit of time in the sports book and karaoke, and of course lounging at the pool, I spent most of my free time writing on my play. I took advantage of the time I had without distraction.

After I returned home, I wrote a few more scenes and finally while waiting in my truck for the kids to get out of school, I finished up the final scene to the ever excited phrase “End of Play.”

The actual writing of this play came very quickly. I was able to connect things a lot faster and knew what I wanted to say with the material. I’m pretty happy with how the writing progressed and stayed alive for me. I’m now anxious to get everything typed up and a preliminary edit so I can leave it on the shelf for a month and come back for my objective edit.

I will release the title, full synopsis and promotional graphic but for now, here is a little teaser.

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