I’ve been busy…

I’ve been quiet these last few weeks, as I have vigorously been composing music for my musical Dadly Intentions. Seven numbers written, seven to go.

However, the other reason I’ve been busy is I took on helping teach a couple musical theatre classes where my girls take dance and my son learns gymnastics. Recently, both classes, taught by myself on the acting side and a nice young gal named Kelsey, participated in the studio’s annual spring recital.

The first class was comprised of pre-K to fourth graders and we had them studying Hard Knock Life from the musical Annie. Both my daughters were among a large cast of 15 kids. We received many compliments for handling a class that size, and although the performance wasn’t perfect, the kids did as well as I’d hoped having started late in the season. (Not all kids are pictured in the photo below).

The second class was comprised of grades five through middle school grades. For them, we decided to study and create a story around When You’re by My Side from the musical Side Show. This was a great group of kids; only six but they really took to what Kelsey and I were attempting to have them absorb and it was led by a couple of very capable young dancers who took on the challenge of dancing as conjoined twins Daisy and Violet. Again, their performance come day of show was a little off but their effort and willingness to learn was impressive.

Anyways, if you’ve been following me and curious why I’ve been quiet that is why. I’m hoping to offer a couple one day workshops for kids at the studio over the summer and offer the same classes this fall. Unfortunately, Kelsey will have moved on to New York City to further her career as a dancer. Best of luck to her.

As for me, I’ve always enjoyed teaching what I’ve learned from some of the best theatre mentors the Rocky Mountain region had to offer at the time. Hopefully it will continue into something bigger each season.

#musicaltheatre #kidsintheatre #dadlyintentions #educationaltheatre

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