Hook and Ladder actors’ edition now available online!

My latest stageplay titled Hook and Ladder is now available online. I’m terribly excited for this play since it combines my passion for journalism as well as my fanship for football. It also gives me the chance to voice my opinion on a controversial issue and bring awareness to other concerns which may not be generally known by most people (trying not to give spoilers).

Order a copy online and let me know what you think. Add to the conversation. Like, share, whatever! I appreciate everyone’s support as always.

Get your copy here!


About Hook and Ladder:

Hot shot sports writer Dunkin Scott’s career is on the rise as the top reporter at Sports Review Monthly magazine. His readership is at an all-time high and is a frequent guest on major sports radio and television networks.

As if things couldn’t be going better for him, Dunkin is about to get the opportunity of a lifetime when he is assigned to an exclusive interview with future Hall of Fame football linebacker Tony Backlund, the writer’s childhood sports hero.

However, Dunkin soon finds himself pressured by his publisher Rachel Montgomery to spotlight the gridiron great and humanitarian as a fraud because Backlund had taken a knee during the U.S. national anthem at a playoff game six months prior. Quickly, Dunkin finds himself struggling to write what is fair and truthful to his sports hero after he begins to find a disconnect of facts involving Backlund’s abrupt and mysterious retirement as well as his on-field protest.

The play culminates into a mess of journalistic malpractice, unworthy ideology and Dunkin caught at a cross roads to decide what kind of journalist, sports fan and person he wants to be.