Tony Babin remembered 10 years later

There were two people in my performing arts education whom I consider mentors and friends. One is Michael D. Stansbery who was the chair of the performing arts department at the time I was going to college. The other was Tony Babin who had a most unique way of looking at theatrical production. He was extremely creative and constantly thought outside the box. The years I lived in Colorado Springs and was involved in theatre, he was a great friend, confidant and always encouraging whatever I was working on creatively as well. If you wanted know know how to produce a big show in a professional-budget approach, Stansbery was your man. If you wanted to know how to produce a show in the back of a small book store with no money, Babin was the guy.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Tony Babin’s passing which affected many of us. A mutual friend posted this story from the Colorado Springs Gazette announcing his memorial and remembering the upstart thespian. So I am reposting it here. We lost my best friend Scott Bechberger, who also knew and worked with Babin on several productions, about a year prior to Babin passing away. That was a tough year for that era of theatre in Colorado Springs, in my opinion. But my memories of both of them keep a fire burning inside me even 10 years later.

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