This Girl from Providence



3 m, 5 w
An Internet Cafe
Boston, MA – Present Day

Cast of Characters:
Troy (29) – a delivery driver
Nicole (28) – a travel agent assistant
Katie (26) – a bartender/college student
Kevin (27) – a sports writer
Andrew (30) – a personal trainor
Dina (30) – a bouncer
Frankie (58) – owner of “Cyber Hut” cafe
Mom (54) – Troy’s mother

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Synopsis: Troy has never had luck with women. He has always been the butt of every joke with his dear friends, Andrew, Kevin and Nicole, who are solid in their relationships.

Quickly tired of the dating scene, Troy ends up meeting Melani through an Internet dating service, and feels he may now know the girl of his dreams. However, he is too embarrassed to tell his friends how he knows Melani. Eager to meet his dream lady, they demand to see her, and Troy must now bring her before them in two days, without having even SEEN Melani.

Troy enlists the help of his cousin Katie who recently moved to town, and his friends instantly adore her, urging her to stay in town for the weekend. Friend Nicole is immediately suspicious of her. Having never felt accepted by so many, Katie gets caught up in the farce.

Troy and Katie live their lie for the sake of the weekend without troubles, until Troy’s mother finds out her son’s new girlfriend is actually her niece. Nicole begins to catch onto the act. Troy soon accidentally discovers Katie is a closet lesbian when her eccentric overly-jealous girlfriend Dina steps into the picture to break the two up.

The situation culminates into a mess of mounting lies and excuses, forcing Troy to come clean with his friends; that is until Melani surprises him with an unexpected visit, unveiling the confusing secret behind this girl from Providence.

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