The War Over Tigger



4 m, 2 w
A Middle-Income House
Boston, MA – Present Day

Cast of Characters:
Rebecca (25) – a part-time student
Aaron (25) – an independent screenwriter
Jesse (27) – a webmaster
Travis (26) – a laborer/roommate
Jennifer (23) – a student/roommate
Neighbor Guy (?) a voice off stage

Synopsis: TRAVIS is looking after his mother’s pet cat “Tigger,” until one morning he discovers the animal is missing. REBECCA and JESSE, the couple he lives with, begin their day arguing over the outfit “Becca” had her workout in. We soon discover Rebecca is caught up in an emotionally and physically abuse marriage, which she has no desire to leave; that is until her lifelong best friend AARON comes to town.

Rebecca finds Aaron is returning to Boston for the regional premier of his first independently produced screenplay, but for some reason, he refuses to stay with her like he used to. With the disapproval of her husband, Rebecca accompanies Aaron to his premier only to find out his movie is a parallel for their friendship. She soon finds out Aaron has romantic feelings for her, and she is not yet ready to deal with the situation.

Roommate Travis finds his pet “Tigger” next door playing with the neighbor’s children. However, his neighbor will not return the cat, since they have adopted it as their own family pet. A neighborhood war over the pet ensues between the two households, resulting in acts of vandalism with shaving cream, Travis’s car in a blaze of fire and eventually a gunshot.

Both stories culminate into a climax several years overdue and ridiculously unfortunate for most of those involved.

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