The Twilight of Nantucket



5 m, 1 w
A Sound Recording Studio
Burbank, CA – Present Day

Cast of Characters:
Ethan (35) – a voice actor
Vicki (36) – a voice actress
Richard (48) – a voice actor/producer
Sean (28) – a voice actor
Murph (42) – an audio engineer
Dexter (42) – a TV executive
Denni (25) – creator of TV’s “Nantucket”

Synopsis: “Nantucket” is an ailing animated television series on the SBC Network. However, three of its cast members show up to record the soundtrack to their season finale, only to find out the series will not see another.

ETHAN, a vocal actor and aspiring animator, has enjoyed his time with the show, but he has dreams of creating his own. He does not want to see “Nantucket” close, because it also gives him time to spend with VICKI, his co-star.

VICKI has used her time in the industry to make contacts and further her fledgling career as a concept writer. However, Vicki has secret feelings for Ethan, which she cannot express, since her therapist informs her she cannot handle any kind of emotional change to her life. At times, she becomes over anxious and settles her nervous with a joke.

SHANE is pleased to see the show end, since he may be on his way to New York to fill a creative producer’s position in cable television, but “Nantucket’s” failure poses a threat to this new opportunity.

Upon arrival for work, the three are staggered by news of “Nantucket’s” creator and director, DENNIS OPITZ, having a nervous breakdown and leaving production. Making matters worse, the performers have no script to work with.

RICHARD, their fourth co-star, has suspiciously taken over the show as producer, leaving the others completely confused as to their positions with the network.

As the situation unfolds itself, the defenseless cast is confronted by the newly appointed VP of Programming, DEXTER KLEIN, and threatened with breech of contract if the show doesn’t have a finale to air. Soon, they discover there is plenty not being said, and the situation may actually be a calculated coup to rid the network of this band of misfits and destroy the show’s young and idealistic creator.

However, DENNIS and his cast have a few punches of their own before the weekend studio session is out.

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