Snowfight in Providence

(one-act dramedy)
2 m
The back yard of a low-income home
East Providence, RI – Present Day

Cast of Characters:
John (10 & 27) – an aspiring writer
Todd (10 & 27) – a college athlete

Synopsis: Day before Christmas 1982, behind two banks of snow, two youths pretending to be Luke Skywalker and Han Solo from the original Star Wars trilogy have an innocent snowfight while their mothers cook for the holiday.

JOHN, now a freelance writer, asides to explain how that morning changed his friendship with TODD, an student athlete at Boston College. TODD also asides explaining the kind of childhood they both had and John’s unstable emotional demeanor as a child.

The play ends with young John having a fit, attacking young Todd to near death, thus altering the tide of their youth together.

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