Slow Kids at Play


(light-hearted drama)

3 m, 5 w
A School Yard, Nolan’s Living Room, Erica’s Office
Warwick, RI – Present Day

Cast of Characters:
Nolan (31) – a mechanic
Erica (29) – an online therapist
Kyle (11) – Nolan’s son
Riley (10) – Erica’s son
Holli (10) – Kyle’s girlfriend
Papp (42) – a school principal
Acuna (50) – a special edu teacher
Young Girl (10) – a student

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Synopsis: With an interest in helping others have more fun at school, two special education students, KYLE BARNES and RILEY WOOLEY, decide to run for the position of student body president at Paine Elementary School.

However, what they considered to be a fun social studies activity soon turns ugly when their parents become involved.

NOLAN BARNES, Kyle’s father, is a single dad who has made his son the top priority of his life. Kyle is at the center of his every decision, and he has made many sacrifices to ensure his son does not fall behind the other kids.

ERICA WOOLEY, Riley’s mother, is an Internet entrepreneur, having received much notoriety for her Love Therapy websites and chat rooms. However, her devotion to her success leaves Riley to fend for himself emotionally.

Once Erica hears her son is campaigning for civil service, she becomes very interested, especially when she finds out the son of Nolan Barnes is running against him. The two adults carry a deep resentment for each other aging nearly 25 years.

The upcoming student election forces Nolan and Erica to spend more time at the school, where Erica starts up a smear campaign against Kyle, focusing on the poverty of his family and his learning disability. She does not realize Riley has a long neglected disability as well.

Nolan fights back with slander of his own, making both kids feel running for office is a mistake. Kyle and Riley, fed up with their parents embarrassing behavior, decide to throw the election with a series of ridiculous allegations during a debate assembly.

The story culminates into a series of revealed secrets both parents have long kept from their children, including the whereabouts of Riley’s father, the boys’ relationship to each other, and the bitterness both parents have carried since their high school love affair.

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