Skin In the Games



5 m, 5 w
A rundown apartment loft
Boston, MA – Present Day

Cast of Characters:

Levi (20s) – owner of a construction company
(20s) – owner of a private security company
(20s) – a private exotic dancer
(30s) – an erotica novelist
(20s) – an exotic dancer
(30s) – a security guard
(20s) – a drywall laborer
John Brozo 
(40s) – an adult entertainment distributor
(20s) – an interior designer, Levi’s wife
Lexxxi Diamond 
(30s) – a seasoned adult film star

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Synopsis:  Levi is struggling. His house flipping business is on the verge of collapse, barely able to pay is subcontractors. He’s separated from his wife, Mandy, who moved to New York while he now lives in a run-down apartment in Boston. Things could not be worse.

However, opportunity comes knocking in the form of a no-risk property located in the region’s most high-end neighborhood, a family estate which is offered to him cheap by his best friend and entrepreneur, Gavin, who owns a growing private security firm.

With 60 days to buy the property and no capital to purchase it, Levi devised a plan with the advice of an old college friend to temporarily buy video production equipment and shoot a pornographic movie to sell and raise the funds he needs to turn his business around for good. Levi enlists the talents of a handful of actors including a private dancer named Courtney, a jilted exotic dancer Gretchen, an erotica author Emma, his drywaller Kevin and security guard Jake to be in his movie, an adult parody of The Hunger Games, hoping to sell the final product to John Brozo, one of the largest adult entertainment distributors in the North East.

Soon, Levi finds himself in a mess, racing to find a way to complete the movie in time, especially after he hires an experienced adult film star named Lexxxi Diamond to command a higher sales tag for the final product. Of course, things don’t get easier when ex-wife wife Mandy returns with the possibility of rebuilding their marriage as he tries to keep the fact he’s become an amateur pornographer a secret from her until the film sells.

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