5 m, 4 w
A Tattoo Shop
Buffalo, NY – Present Day

Cast of Characters:
Cole (30s) – a tattoo artist
Ayla (30s) – a tattoo artist
Lori (early 30s) – Cole’s client and eventual girfriend
Britt (mid-teens) – Cole’s sharp-witted daughter
Dana (late 20s) – a body piercing artist
Kent (30s) – a cop on disability and Ayla’s boyfriend
Det. Carl Adler (40s) – a state police detective
Jason Crisp (late 30s) – a county sheriff’s office investigator
Manny (30s) – a thug

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Synopsis:  Cole and Ayla are good friends who have been working as artists in the same tattoo shop for almost three years; however, they aren’t as close as one would think.

Cole, a single father to sharp but smart-ass teen Britt, meets Lori and soon falls for her, but he refuses to allow himself to get close to her for unknown reasons.

Ayla is starting to feel trapped in her life with her cop boyfriend Kent. Against his wishes, she takes a day or two to visit family in New England. Before she can return, Kent is shot and killed by a strange man named Manny.

Cole quickly starts to pack up shop much to the dismay of Lori. Ayla becomes racked with guilt and starts to pull up the tents herself but knows if she doesn’t open up to Cole completely, he and his daughter may be in danger as well.

However, as we learn more about what Ayla is hiding, an investigation into Kent’s murder starts to point fingers at Cole.

The play culminates into an example of how protecting oneself from others who care about you can actually be harmful in some cases, as we learn what secrets both Ayla and Cole have been keeping from each other for three years.

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