Fat Farm


(light-hearted drama)

5 m, 4 w
A Clinical Trials Housing
Baltimore, MD – Present Day

Cast of Characters:
Lee (32) – an investigative journalist
Maggie (31) – a single mother
Dr. Markus (45) – Director of Testing
AC (29) – a professional bodyguard
Tammy (39) – an unemployed cook
Dean (34) – a public works employee
Gayle (42) – a romance novelist
Tech. Lance (38) – a bio-engineer
Volunteer (32) – a test subject

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Synopsis: Lee Delano, an investigative journalist for The Baltimore Herald, attempts to further his stagnant career by joining a weight loss clinical trial group, hoping to get a story on the commissioned facility and its subjects.

On his first day volunteering, Lee meets the trial’s other participants, including Maggie the single mom, Dean the loud mouth, AC the bodygaurd, Tammy the housewife and Gayle the romance writer. All of them are visited by Dr. Jeanne Markus, director of testing at the Sunstar Herbal Science Group facility, and learn they are about to endure four weeks of side effects to a new fat burning pill.

As the side effects begin to take effect, Lee gets the others to share reasons why they volunteered. However, not everyone is playing by the rules of the trial. One of its volunteers is having junk food snuck in.

The group realizes the dangers of their situation, as Dr. Markus reports severe problems with the facility’s West Coast trial. Maggie, whom Lee has befriended, begins to experience the same severities.

After one in the group is thrown into isolation as punishment, and Maggie’s condition continues to get worse, Lee uses a facility technician named Lance to obtain confidential information about the trial. Together, they discover Sunstar’s engineers have been corrupted, and more importantly, find out why.

In the end, Lee discovers how people who crave change, including himself, are usually nursing a variety of disorders in their lives, and battling stereotypes, other than obesity.

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