Dadly Intentions


(light-hearted musical)

5 m, 4 w, Company
A variety of locations
New York City and suburbs, NY – Five Years ago to Present Day

Cast of Characters:

Harold (starting mid 30s) – a struggling writer/producer
(starting late 30s) – a state level politician seeking office
(starting mid 30s) – Harold’s wife and mother of his children
(starting mid 30s) – Preston’s wife
(late 70s) – Harold’s father
(Kindergarten age if possible) – Harold and Wendy’s daughter; Mason’s twin sister
(Kindergarten age if possible) – Harold and Wendy’s son; Blake’s twin brother
(Kindergarten age if possible) – Preston and Katherine’s son
(20s) – Harold and Wendy’s nanny
 – Supporting roles and walk-ons in a variety of scenes

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Indie movie producer and screenwriter Harold becomes the father of boy/girl twins about the same time he learns his own father is terminally ill. Harold, with the help of his new friends and his wife Wendy, goes through a spectacle of a journey learning to be a good husband, father and honorable son while keeping his own dreams alive.

The day Harold’s wife Wendy gives birth, Harold meets politician Preston Morris in the waiting room of the hospital who is also eagerly awaiting his own new arrival. As the two learn to become new fathers, Harold starts to have issues with writer’s block and finding the time to work on his projects and do his fair share of raising the children.

A year down the road, Harold’s father Bill announces his terminal illness, giving Harold yet another obstacle to his success, as Preston makes his latest attempt to run for public office with much support from the local media. As the strain of a lack of family revenue from Harold weighs heavily on him, Preston quickly finds himself needing a press secretary, offering the job to Harold, on the advice of wife Katherine. Reluctantly, Harold accepts the job.  He continues to fade away from his own dreams and his family, as his father fades from the story.

Years later, Harold and Wendy’s twins are five years old, and Harold has proven himself successful as a political publicist, and Preston is once again hot on the campaign trail for a state senate seat. However, Harold becomes focused on a new project, having discovered his daughter, Blake, has a talent for the performing arts. As he pushes Blake towards early and high success, a tempting offer from a movie producer derails Harold’s focus and the life he’s known becomes an utter challenge for him to maintain.

The story culminates into an adventure of fatherhood, family and big dreams as Harold begins to realize what he has truly learned from his father years after Bill’s death.

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