24 Hours and Something Original



4 m, 2 w
An Executive Boardroom
Santa Monica, CA – Present Day

Cast of Characters:
Dennis (25) – a new TV writer
Shelly (26) – a personal assistant
Carl (56) – a veteran TV writer
Todd (36) – a veteran joke writer
Caroline (42) – a TV rewriter
Dexter (35) – a development executive

“24 Hours and Something Original” World Premiere production cast included: Michael Hernandez, Gina DiTullio (Kim Collins), Ellioutt Fittz, Don Tominello, Teresa Devoy and Gavin Rogers. Original set design by Michael D. Stansbery.

Synopsis: In an executive board room, overlooking Santa Monica beach, four creative television writers are forced to work together to save their jobs in the next twenty-four hours.

The young and promising DENNIS OPITZ, the creator of a hit animated series for adults, learns what it really means to work in a high-pressure entertainment industry when a special emergency meeting is called involving the UBS Television Network’s best and brightest creative scripters.

Including Dennis, this diverse group consists of the aged Emmy winner and former stand-up comic CARL REDDING and TODD VINCENZO, his long time acquaintance, who is called upon for his talents in joke writing. CAROLINE ARNETTE finishes the roster with her ability to favor any work with a commercially successful re-write, while other writers grimace at her presence.

However, all personal feelings must be throw aside when network executive DEXTER KLEIN forces the crew to write a pilot episode of a new series to lift the sinking network out of ratings misery. Failure to do so within twenty-four hours means a torn contract for each of them.

Through the night, while Carl and Todd argue with Caroline “The Hack,” Dennis is withered by the unrequited love he has for SHELLY HOLBERT, Klein’s administrative assistant, who is also demanded to aid the project at the risk of her job.

As the group struggles through one ridiculous storyline after another, a bond of respect begins to build between the writers as they learn of each other’s heartaches and needs from working in entertainment.

In addition, Dennis must find a way to deal with the fact that Shelly is secretly carrying her bosses unborn child, or is she?

The story culminates in a flurry of laughter, excitement and violence, while five person realize what is most important in an impossible situation.

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