Rochester, NY – Present day

Main Characters:
Viona (20s) – a girl with no identity
Brook (20s) – a costume designer
Samuel (20s) – her friend
Denny (20s) – her exboyfriend

Secondary Characters:
Jessica (20) – an aspiring actress
Viona’s Dad (50s) a public-works employee

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Synopsis: VIONA is a confused girl who discovers, after being told by a whispering movie screen, she has no indentity or goal in life. After asking the advice of her parents and four rather diverse close friends, she decides to discover who she is and where she’s going.

Viona’s first endeavors lead her down a path of ethnic pride, which is quickly thwarted by the notion she may have a talent for acting. Her acting abilities never have a chance to flourish, however, when she naively and accidentally auditions for a pornographic movie. Returning to her “normal” life, the constant guidance of the whispering screen leads her to believe she may be a lesbian.

In the end, Viona finds her upper-middle white bred upbrining hasn’t stifled her ability to speak out for others when her civil serving father becomes a victim of age discrimination.

“Whitebred” is a story of conviction. family, friends and humorously coming of age late in life.

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