A Touch of Jole

Santa Monica, CA – Present day

Main Characters:
Robert (40s) – a public defender
Jole (30s) – a homeless man
Susan (30s) – Jole’s longtime friend
Jacobs (30s) – assistant defense attorney

Secondary Characters:
Holly (15) – Robert’s daughter
Young Jole (17-28) – at younger ages
Young Susan (17) – at younger age
Granna (60s) – Jole’s adopted mother
Charlie (40s) – a private investigator

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Synopsis: In the twilight hours of the Magee Women’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, a young woman ill with leukemia dies at the hands of JOLE MILLETTE, s homeless man living in the basement of St. Anthoney’s Cathedral.

ROBERT SANFORD appears at the Alleghany County Courthouse to defend his newly assigned client, Jole, whom is charged with firs degree murder. To buy himself time, with the advice of reporting psychologists, Robert claims his client is mentally unfit to stand trial.

A hearing is set and Robert must now gather the information he needs to prove Jole is impaired. His search is led by an audio diary, kept by Jole for many years, and pressured by a newly appointed district attorney JACOBS.

Robert’s race against time leads him to uncover a mysterious trail of miracles and unimaginable moments in Jole’s life. Finding himself captivated by Jole’s tale of lost innocence, unconditional love, and his relationship with SUSAN, the only person who knows exactly what happened the night he was arrested, Robert’s life begins to chance, as well as HOLLY’s, his thirteen year old daughter who hasn’t spoken for five years.

Leading up to a hearing that becomes all-to-shocking to those involved, Robert realizes his client may actually be a modern day miracle maker.

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