21st Nazi

(action-drama, TV mini-series)
Boston, MA – Present day

Main Characters:
Harley (20s) – a college student
Alysen (20s) – a college student
Peter (20s) – Harley’s friend
Flemming (40s) – leader of neo-nazi group
Bogdonovich (40s) – a police investigator

Secondary Characters:
Jerome (20s) – a fellow student
Rudolph (20s) – a neo-nazi
Kolberg (40s) – Flemming’s right-hand
Silvia (20s) – Alysen’s friend

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Synopsis: HARLEY’s life has been riddled with reasons to hate those ethnically different than himself, but when he becomes the newest member of an underground neo-nazi counter culture, he realizes murder was never his aspiration.

Empowered by the love of the compassionate ALYSEN, Harley fights to crumble this gang of racist thugs and learn what it means to love again.

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